Arriving in Germany, the easy way

When you book through HESTIA, you will have a private room in a HESTIA family all for yourself and the necessary furniture to start your student life. Please note, that in Germany almost every flat that is for rent does not include any furniture. Most flats do not even include lamps / light.

With HESTIA you do not need to worry about basic utilities (WIFI, water, electricity, heating). The average price a student pays per month is 50 Euros. With your Hestia plan this is included.

In Germany every individual has to pay radio and television taxes (17.50) every month. Also included with your HESTIA plan.

Relocating to a new country and starting your studies is exciting enough and you have plenty of things to think about. That is why we always include breakfast and dinner with our HESTIA plans. On weekends and bank holidays, lunch is also included.

Every now and then we need to do laundry. When living with a HESTIA family you can use their facilities to do your laundry. Unlike other students, you will not have to go to a launderette / laudromat.

We save the best for last: Living inside of a German household, you will take a deep dive into German culture and German language.

In Summary

Your HESTIA Plan includes: